Wheel Alignment Gold Coast


The better maintenance you keep, the longer your car will run healthily. If your car alignment feels off – or if it’s simply been a while – come see us at One Stop Auto Care. When your wheels are aligned, your car handles better.

Wheel alignment from One Stop Auto Care means long-lasting, optimal performance. Turn to our experts to help with the regular checks and wheel alignment in Nerang. That will ensure proper wheel alignment and help you avoid costly repairs. Our technicians know how to keep your car running straight and smooth.

Wheel Alignment Gold Coast

The most common downside to driving a car with improperly aligned wheels is uneven wear on your tyres. If the wheels aren’t correctly aligned and your tyres are meeting the road at an off-spec angle, that results in certain parts of the tyre doing more ‘work’ than other parts as you drive. Therefore, harder working areas of each tyre will wear off faster than the rest of the tyre.

Misaligned wheels will also disable you from controlling the vehicle properly. That is especially true during high-speed driving when misaligned wheels can make it difficult to steer and, thus, increase the risk of getting in an accident.


The effects of this cause the tread in those overworked areas to grind down much faster than if the wheels were properly aligned. An uneven wheel alignment can cause you to have to replace your tyres significantly sooner than you otherwise would have had to if driving with a proper wheel alignment. That will end up costing you lots more money in the long run.

If you’re not looking forward to the next time you’ll need to fork out money for new tyres, you’ll certainly appreciate keeping your wheels properly aligned through periodic, maintenance-based wheel alignments. To be sure you’re getting only the most reliable wheel alignment Gold Coast wide, book your car service today at One Stop Auto Care.

You may need an alignment if you need to hold onto the steering wheel to drive straight ahead. Have you just changed the tyres or have been involved in a collision? In either case, your car will need wheel alignment or repair. We recommend you perform wheel alignment and repair after you’ve driven the first 3,000 km in a new car. Most alignment work will not require new parts, though all tyres should be the same size, style, and be properly inflated.

If you are concerned about preserving your new car’s statutory warranty but also want to obtain expert service at competitive rates, One Stop Auto Care is the car service workshop for you. We offer our clients exceptional wheel repairs Gold Coast wide, as well as maintenance and tuning service.

Our fully qualified log book servicing ensures your car is in safe hands, and we provide quality car service and repairs. You can be sure that your car is in safe hands with One Stop Auto Care. Contact us or book your car service now.

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