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Servicing & Repairs

For further information on our policies and pricing please visit our Service Info page

Basic Health Check - From: $25
Ideal if you are heading off on a long trip and want to be sure your car is up to date. Ensuring your vehicle is running efficiently and safely within your budget.

Work Carried Out:
Check tyres and adjust pressure. Check and top up all ‘under bonnet’ fluid levels and wiper operations (does not include oil or brake fluid). Time frame: 15 mins

Diagnostic Systems Service/Check - From: $88
Full computer systems scan of your vehicle, suitable for vehicles manufactured after 2002, identifying faults and resetting where applicable.

Work Carried Out:
Scan vehicle electronic systems, check for fault codes, assess and report, clear any fault codes present and re-scan for confirmation.  Test drive. Recommended if your car is showing warning lights on the dashboard or not functioning as it should be. Time frame: 30 mins

Lube Service/Oil Change - From: $129*
Basic and inexpensive service may be used as an interim service between manufacturer’s specified intervals or for long distance drivers.  *Extra charges may apply if genuine parts are to be used due to warranty stipulations, 4WD, diesel or commercial vehicles will be quoted separately.

Work Carried Out:
Engine oil and oil filter replacement, basic under body safety check, top up all fluid levels, adjust tyre pressure, no road test, no diagnostic, Recommended every 5,000km/3mths. Time frame: 30 minutes

Minor Service - From: $195
Ideal basic service for cars just purchased or ones that have a sketchy service history, normally recommended for first time customers to us so we can gain an idea of where your cars service history is up to and what you may need to do to get back on track.

Work carried out:
Test drive, replace engine oil, oil filter, inspect air filter, suspension, steering and under body safety check, check operation of all lights, wipers, washers etc., visual inspection of braking system, top up all fluid levels, adjust tyre pressures, test drive again and provide a written report of any further work required.  Recommended every 7,500km/6mths. Time Frame: 1 hour


Major Service - $ Quote required
Comprehensive service for vehicles that may have missed out on regular servicing.

Work Carried Out:
Test drive, replace engine oil, oil filter and air filter, remove and replace spark plugs (standard type only),  inspect all belts and hoses, replace wiper blades, comprehensive suspension, steering, under body and under bonnet safety check, grease all necessary areas, check all drivetrain components and oil levels, top up, drain and replace if required (additional cost may apply), check operation of all lights, washers etc., remove wheels for full brake inspection and handbrake adjustment, tyre rotation, top up all fluid levels, adjust tyre pressures, provide a written report of any further work required. Recommended at least once every 10,000km/12mths. Time Frame: Min 2 hrs.

Log Book Service - $ According to Manufacturer’s recommendations
Log Book Service as required by manufacturer to retain warranty, including using genuine parts and specific oils required.  All new car warranties are safe with us, unless you have signed an agreed contract which stipulates that the dealer must conduct all servicing for a set period.

Work Carried Out:
As per manufacturer’s recommendation noted within log book schedule. Written report provided with any further work required.    Recommended to keep your warranty intact at the service times stipulated in your manufacturer’s service book. Time frame: dependent on work required

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